About Us

Businesses in Africa are highly cyclical in nature. Adyeri was formed out of the desire to enable African businesses and artisans dealing in handcrafted goods to have a steady stream of cash flows throughout the year.

We noticed that the tourism industry in Africa was steadily declining as many would be visitors to the continent opted out because of various issues ranging from political instability to epidemics like Ebola. Most of the businesses and artisans dealing in African handmade goods are heavily dependent on the tourism market for revenues.
When revenues began to plummet in the tourism sector an opportunity presented itself that enabled us to think on how sales for handcrafted goods could be sustained.

We realized the need to come up with an online platform where these businesses and entrepreneurs can showcase their products and sell them as well.
At Adyeri we believe in the notion “the world is flat by Thomas L. Friedman”. We view the world as a level playing field in terms of commerce that has been enhanced by globalization hence the need to support African businesses and entrepreneurs.

Adyeri has curated a range of exquisite jewelry, sculptures, paintings, crafts, apparels and gifts that have been handcrafted by talented African artisans.